Babyshower Food: Cookie Monster Cupcakes ♥

Screen Shot 2013-03-03 at 13.18.45Screen Shot 2013-03-03 at 13.19.12We (or rather I- Blökli is quite self confident concerning baking stuff) never expected them to turn out so well. How to do it: prepare your favourite cup cake dough. Here Missmodernage’s favourite (also taken from Ming Makes Cupcakes; use no/less port for the sake of the expectant mother):

Screen Shot 2013-02-23 at 10.23.29

For the decoration, prepare the eyes by mixing confectioner’s sugar with lime juice (prepare it rather viscously) & using a plastic bag with a small cut opening. For the “fur”: mix desiccated coconut with blue food colouring (Zürich residents: We tested both the Migros & the chemist’s version. The latter is a bit more expensive, but way more fruitful- small amounts go a long way). This works best by putting both the coconut & colouring into a zip freezing bag; shake the contents until well mixed. Let dry on a baking paper & keep some of the food colouring for the frosting. All steps described so far can be easily prepared the night before.

The next day, prepare the frosting by mixing melted white chocolate with cream cheese (you remember these? We really prefer the chocolate over the butter!!). Add the rest of the colouring. After adding the frosting & the fur, add eyes & half a cookie. For the pupils, we used couverture chocolate.

Special thanks go to J. for generously sharing her decoration tips with us!

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Missmodernage mag Mode, Musik & Bücher. Sie schätzt es, in Zürich zu wohnen. Sie besitzt zu viel & kann es nicht lassen, weiter einzukaufen. Daher ist es nun ihre Mission, ihre Klamotten & Stylingideen nicht bloss mit drögen Outfitposts mit euch zu teilen, sondern kompromisslos & total... Sichere auch Du Dir ein Stück aus dem sensationellen Missmodernage Fundus! Zu kleinem Preis, versteht sich.
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