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Screen Shot 2013-04-23 at 22.07.49Screen Shot 2013-04-23 at 22.07.06 Missmodernage’s first running sushi a dicrétion was lovelovelove on first sight. That was roughly 4 years ago w/ Katze in Vienna. Of course, there was the occasional dinner at Yoojis at Josefstrasse. In spite of the undisputedly tasty & high quality sushi bits Missmodernage’s enthusiasm got dampened on a regular basis by the high prices of the small plates. What a bummer, really, not daring to take another plate because a rough estimate of one’s consumption so far gives one a bad chill.

Soooo. Our topic today: the freshly opened Peking Garden at Hardturmstrasse. We tested it last Sunday. Maybe you’re familiar w/ Peking Garden at Langstrasse, which often proved as a fast, cheap & rather greasy, but nevertheless tasty choice when we lived around the corner (at least until we discovered Viet Thai). At Peking Garden Hardturmstrasse, as you probably already guessed right, they offer running sushi! There are two belts for the running buffet; for warm dishes (a best-of from what we remember from Langstrasse) & for sushi/cold dishes.

We liked: the size of the dishes, the wide choice (especially yummy: nigiri, crispy duck, szechuan beef, freshly slized pine apple), the exceptionally nice waiters & the price– on Sundays it’s only 20 Stutz/person. We didn’t like: as a couple, you’re not allowed to sit facing each other (so that the other guests at a table for 4 can also reach the belt), the atmosphere (very bright & fast-foodish) & that some of the dishes on the belt would only pass us once.  When the lady at our table asked for some fresh fruit (way before 21:00) she was told there wouldn’t be more of it. When paying, she asked what would be the latest point to start dinner, whereupon she was answered: ‘for as long as the restaurant remains open’. So we would sincerely recommend the restaurant to keep offering all a reasonable choice of the dishes for as long as the restaurant is open. When we left, people were still eating & could choose from rice & -olé!- fried rice. Anyhow, our conclusion: we will certainly come again! & this time, we will bring along our friends to fill a table, thihi.

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Missmodernage mag Mode, Musik & Bücher. Sie schätzt es, in Zürich zu wohnen. Sie besitzt zu viel & kann es nicht lassen, weiter einzukaufen. Daher ist es nun ihre Mission, ihre Klamotten & Stylingideen nicht bloss mit drögen Outfitposts mit euch zu teilen, sondern kompromisslos & total... Sichere auch Du Dir ein Stück aus dem sensationellen Missmodernage Fundus! Zu kleinem Preis, versteht sich.
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